The Banana Myth

The Banana Myth

From children’s books and comics, a myth has made

it into so called conservation!

And what a disaster!

Some misguided activists have used this banana myth to solve

Human Elephant Conflict.

Fact is: wild Asian elephants do not eat bananas in their habitat!

They do eat banana trees or rather the stem, but not for food; the eat it

for the water that it contains.

Now it is common practice in some areas, to plant bananas on the edge

of the forest and even close to houses, to please elephants.

Cut bananas and banana trees, other fruit and salt are offered to elephants

as a food substitute.














Activists tell the desperate HEC affected villagers this is the best way to solve HEC.

This is absolutely crazy, they are inviting wild elephants into human habitation and

create an artificial taste for unnatural food.

As this kind of food is not found in wild elephant habitat elephants walk

into villages in search of it.

Please, everybody has to stop

this deadly practice!

And the result is:

Please do not scroll down further if you are not prepared for
drastic images what you will see is not for the faint-Heart!






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