Statement by NWA on the untrue and libellous accusations by Assam Tribune, Rithuraj Phukan and Jayanta K.Das:

Statement by NWA on the untrue and libellous accusations by

Assam Tribune, Rithuraj Phukan and Jayanta K.Das:


We at NWA are in fact a small organisation, based in France and working in Thailand, Malaysia and India. Almost all our funding

comes from the pockets of Andy Merk and we received only a few small donations since the start in 2016.

In 2016 we visited Assam to see the situation there by our self. As a result, we decided to start a program called lights for life-food to live

in cooperation with green guard nature organisation. We provided and started a number of projects, namely habitat improvement,

soft mitigation training, Quick identification training for elephants and awareness camps in local villages. All project cost have been

covered by NWA only. We also purchased a car to be used by green guard to be able to continue our programs and provide scientifically

relevant data and reports after we left. Unfortunately, there was no further feedback and a report for our activities was sent only

7 month later, but useless. Beginning of February this year, we invited Raj Phukan and Dulu Bora to come to visit us in Thailand.

We planned to show them our work in Thailand, but as i had a serious family issue (the death of my father on the second day

of their stay) we had to rearrange our plans a little. anyway we went to see 2 of our work areas (these are not in protected areas,

as HEC happens in the villages!) all costs during their stay have been covered by NWA. Raj Phukan asked for more money to

continue with our programs i we gave him the money. I then had to leave on the same day as green guard to attend my fathers

funeral. After my return i started to “push” green guard to provide updates and reports but without success. When talking about

2018 said green guard is busy and the members are useless, he also argued that scientific ic useless as science never helps.

So we decided to cancel this years activities in march. Later in the year Raj Phukan contacted us, asking for our plans this year

when told that we would surely not work with him he started with insults and threats prompting us to stop any conversation.

We also found out, that he overcharge us on the car and other things, now he does not want to return the car to us.

So to summarise, they see conservation as a tool to enrich themselves rather than doing proper conservation work and are

now trying to destroy our reputation by issuing false claims.

Andy Merk

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