Who we are

NWA Nature & Wildlife Foundation

NWA is a leading non-governmental organisation specialised in applying hands-on research and innovative technology to enrich conservation knowledge and develop more effective methods for improving habitat management and minimising the chances of Human-Animal Conflict.


Conservation through knowledge

We are committed to constantly examining, developing, applying and sharing knowledge for improving nature and wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.


Solutions through technology

We are driven by technology for creating more effective, inclusive, collaborative and affordable methods to minimise Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC)

Our Values


The safety of all involved in our ventures is paramount to us. We act with openness and fairness in all our relationships, respect others and value their knowledge and diversity. We hold a personal sense of ownership of every conservation mission we undertake.


We are committed to innovative solutions and go the extra mile to challenge ill-conceived notions and methods applied in the name of conservation. By being inquisitive and enterprising, we aim for the best possible results in nature and wildlife conservation.


We are committed to knowledge sharing and working together. We believe in clear communication and examining all viewpoints in order to better understand a project’s needs, which is vital for building a leading collaborative team to deliver excellence.


We demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in everything we do. We are data-driven, we stay the course and are focused on getting a good, measurable result. We constantly develop our knowledge and expert skills to keep improving our performance.

Code of Conduct

We, Nature and Wildlife Foundation members, shall conduct our conservation operations with honesty, integrity and respect for the communities, authorities and laws of the land in pursuing our common responsibility to the environment. Keeping to these principles protects our lives, our credibility, our reputation and our ability to sustain our conservation work. This Code reflects the way we operate across all of our project areas.