President : Andreas Merk (ANDY)

Andy Merk is a German National,living in Thailand since 1988.Throughout his career in engineering in Thailand ,Andy kept very close to nature and became a part time wildlife photographer and conservationnist ( ,over the years he developed into an elephant specialist.
In 2015 he decided to take early retirement and concentrate on wildlife conservation.

Secretary General : Lailani Fouad ( NANI)

Nani Fouad is a french national with indian roots,living in Paris,
working in child protection since 2000 .After finishing a second dgree in law at ” Sorbonne University”.In 2016 ,she decided to concentrate on her life long passion for wildlife conservation.Drawing on her knowledge from extensive travel throught out Asia ,she joined Andy Merk to set up ” Nature & Wildlife Association” in France.

Our Vision

Conservation through knowledge

Our Mission

Finding new ways, using technology to support conservation of nature and wildlife.