NWA/GGNO Chapanala 2 habitat restoration

Nature & Wildlife Association/Green Guard Nature Organization in Chapanala part 2 habitat restoration

On October 28 2017 NWA, GGNO and the Assam Forest Department went to inspect the first habitat restoration site for:


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what we found was absolutely stunning! A prime elephant habitat totally destroyed by invasive plants!

DSCN0164    DSCN0168

The trail up into the hills, invasive alien plants everywhere!                                         The inspection team,

DSCN0174   DSCN0178

Reaching the lake area.                                 The whole area is covered by invasive plants! No grass for elephants!

DSCN0179    DSCN0180

Everywhere!!!                                                                           Circling the lake.

DSCN0181    DSCN0196

What a fantastic place.                                                           Weeds, weeds, weeds and weeds!

DSCN0205    DSCN3035

Unbelievable!!!                                                                         No food for elephants at all!

DSCN3046    DSCN3074

Habitat loss in extreme!                                That’s why these huge herds come out to eat rice paddy in the fields!

The scale of habitat loss to alien invasive plant species was absolutely overwhelming!

What we saw here and in other areas was confirmation of our program of habitat restoration!

Large scale habitat restoration throughout the whole elephant range is urgently needed!

So we went to work, hundreds of villagers joined us on November 5 2017 to recover a first habitat of around 1 square kilometer.

DSCN4100    DSCN4108

DSCN4111    DSCN4117

DSCN4142    DSCN4153

DSCN4159    DSCN4169

DSCN4180    DSCN4224

DSCN4225    DSCN4280

DSCN4310    DSCN4317

DSCN4362    DSCN4378

DSCN4387    DSCN4403

DSCN4419    DSCN4450

And we returned on November !9 2017 to burn off the whole area.


DSCN5639     DSCN5641


DSCN5642    DSCN5654


DSCN5656    DSCN5660


DSCN5661    DSCN5671


Food to live!

Further maintenance in the form of annual burning during January/February is required.

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