NWA/GGNO Chapanala 1 light distribution

Nature & Wildlife Association/Green Guard Nature Organization in Chapanala part 1 light distribution

On October 26 2017 NWA, GGNO and the Assam Forest Department held their inaugural meeting for

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at Chapanala in Assam and distributed 500 headlamps to 54 villages in Chapanala’s Human Elephant conflict areas.


These lights are meant for increased safety and to aid village teams in mitigating Human Elephant Conflict.

IMG_8496       IMG_8534

Honorable guests                                                                         Honorable guests

IMG_8542       IMG_8576

Lights for life- Food to live at the local meeting hall                        NWA’s Nani and Andy handing lights to villagers

IMG_8596      IMG_1641

Assamese welcome for Andy Merk                                               GGNO staff and local crowd

IMG_1661      IMG_1664

Nani Fouad addressing the audience                               GGNO’s Ranjan Barthakur acting as translator

IMG_1678      IMG_1698

GGNO’s Dulu Bora explaining the project                                                   Light distribution

IMG_1759      DSCN2725

GGNO secretary general Rithuraj Phukan talking to the media             NWA president Andy Merk with the press

IMG_1304      IMG_1393

A watchful crowd                                            NWA secretary general Nani Fouad with Andy Merk

IMG_1450       14

Honorable guests                                                                   Andy Merk in his speech

DSCN9896     DSCN9914

Paintings by local artist Jutika Bora Bhuyan                                                   Great attendance

DSCN2292    DSCN2340

Lights for life – Food to live in Chapanala                                         Suvashis Das, DFO in his address

DSCN2355     DSCN2366

A local school teacher explaining HEC in the area              Shamsher Singh, IAS Deputy commissioner&District Magistrate

DSCN2462     DSCN2519

                       Performance by a local dance group                                                       Dulu Bora and Andy Merk

GGNO director general Dr. Kamal Bhuyan speaking


Lights for life

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