Elephant railway death in Assam and India

Elephant railway death in Assam and India

Again elephants 6 have been killed by a train in Assam!

 This brings the number of train death in Assam to a staggering 225 in 10 years!

Something needs to be done urgently! NWA suggests to install cameras on all trains to learn more about this incidents! We believe,that in many cases,

elephants are not just crossing the tracks, but are actually feeding alongside. Most important is, to look why these elephants turn up there! It’s lack of food

in their habitats! If habitats provide 3 essentials, Food, Water and Security, elephant herds will not leave these areas and take the high risk associated with crop raiding.

Please also see this interview with NWA co-founder Andy Merk with the Telegraph newspaper



The Telegraph



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