Formation of regional NWA working member teams in India.

Formation of regional NWA working member teams in India.

Throughout 2018, we at Nature & Wildlife Association worked hard to find capable, knowledgeable and honest

people willing to become NWA members in Human Elephant Conflict plagued areas of India.

Working closely with this people by giving them advise on data collection relates to HEC we soon focused on a few.

We finally focused on two teams from the 2 worst hit areas of Siliguri/West Bengal and Udalguri/Assam.

                 NWA Siliguri team

                   NWA Udalguri team

These two teams showed fantastic enthusiasm, knowledge and determination by collection an incredible amount of

HEC related information in their respective areas and at the same time worked closely with affected communities.

We then went to India in October/November to finalize these teams and analyse the collected information.

Long discussions and additional data collections in collaboration with local authorities, villagers and other stakeholders




We will post more about our findings, recommendations, related information and our action plans in the days to come.

We also would like to thank all our great new members, the officials

that gave us so much support, the communities for providing insights

and all for their hospitality.

Andy & Nani

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