True Heros of Udalguri

True Heros of Udalguri

We would like to introduce you to 3 new members

of Nature & Wildlife Association

Dibakar Nayak from Orangajuli Tea Estate

Ankit Tanti (on the left) from Orangajuli Tea Estate

Mithu Sarkar from no.1 Garuajhar village

For 10 years, these guys from local villages work on their own to help villagers in Udalguri’s area

north of Paneri. This small area of around 100 square kilometres along the Bhutan border has the

highest human casualty rate per sqkm  in the world.At least 21 people have been killed in this area

in 2018 and many more got injured.

Whenever there are casualties, Dibakar, Tanti and Mithu will go to the scene, help collecting

information,  assist with the recovery of the bodies and  arrange for coordination with the Police

and Forest Department. Later they will help to file compensation claims for the victims, arrange

for a postmortem and all necessary paperwork. They also collect small donations and food items

from local businesses to give to the affected families and even use some of their own money.

They are true Heros and NWA is very honoured to have them on the team and provide support to them.

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