Human Elephant Conflict HEC

Human Elephant Conflict HEC The downside of conservation During the sixties and seventies, protected areas were set up in Asia. The idea was to have protected habitats for plants and wildlife, but a general understanding developed, that national parks  are meant to manage the remaining wildlife. So wildlife was meant to stay within park boundaries…


Elephant Migration

Wild Elephant Migration The great mystery! Because of habitat fragmentation, old migration routes are lost. The result is Human Elephant Conflict. By establishing wildlife corridors, migration routes could be partially restored. Jumbo Elephant Photo ID    can be used to track migration and therefore find the best places for corridors. Please help Nature & Wildlife Association…


Population trends

Why do we need accurate numbers of wild elephants?   By having accurate population numbers, we will be able to establish population trends. This will help to point out problems and can lead to solutions. Fast increasing populations will lead to overpopulation and rising Human Elephant Conflict. Falling populations indicate poaching, health issues or Human…


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