Lights for life – Food to live 2017 project area facts

Lights for life – Food to live 2017 project area facts 

Nature&Wildlife Association, Green Guard Nature Organization and the Assam Forest Department will conduct Lights for life – Food to live 2017

in Chapanalla /Assam during October and November 2017.


The aim is to significantly reduce HEC impact on the local communities.

A total of 50 villages with 4.954 households and a population of more than 10.000 adults will be involved.

Data collected during the last 3 years shows a total of 29 human casualties, 122 humans injured and 12 elephants killed!

Furthermore 798 houses have been damaged and 20-30% of the crops have been lost!

Our target has to be to reduce this numbers by 50% within 3-5 years!

Please have a look at this video footage to see the extent of HEC in the area!

File AI 2 final

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