Code of Conduct

We, Nature and Wildlife Foundation members, shall conduct our conservation operations with honesty, integrity and respect for the communities, authorities and laws of the land in pursuing our common responsibility to the environment. Keeping to these principles protects our lives, our credibility, our reputation and our ability to sustain our conservation work. This Code reflects the way we operate across all of our project areas.

  • 1.

    Safety and the Environment

    We strive to be exemplary in safety and conservation performance. We are committed to making continuous and sustainable improvements in our safety and conservation efforts to improve the overall environment where we operate.

  • 2.

    Obeying the Law

    We will conduct our operations ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We expect our collaborators to behave in accordance with our values and the law and regulations.

  • 3.

    Work environment

    We are committed to a positive, constructive and collaborative working environment, which is essential for sustainable success. This environment must be based on mutual respect and be totally free of discrimination and harassment.

  • 4.

    NWA Teams

    We respect each other, and acknowledge that each one of us is a unique individual endowed with dignity and commitment to nature conservation. We accept volunteers solely on merit and their qualifications and skill-set for the job. There will be no discrimination of any kind. We celebrate the diversity of our NWA family members.

  • 5.

    Operational Integrity

    We conduct our operations with total integrity. While we welcome donations from verifiable sources, we neither accept nor give bribes or gifts that may be construed as a bribe. The definition of these gifts includes not only material goods, but also services, benefits, promotional premiums or discounts on personal purchases of goods and services that may influence a member’s operational judgment.

  • 6.

    Recording and Reporting Information

    We are committed to recording and reporting information accurately, transparently and in a timely fashion. Each member entering data into any of the company's information systems is responsible for doing so rapidly, accurately and maintaining the rules of confidentiality. 


This Code applies to all NWA members and inducted volunteers.  By following this Code, each of us plays a vital role in ensuring that our operations are legally compliant and consistent with our values and principles. 

Reporting Misconduct

We are one family and we should each be responsible for maintaining the highest values and integrity. We will therefore be prepared to report any concern about what appears to be inappropriate behaviour wherever it occurs in NWA. 

We encourage you to raise issues with the Chairman or Secretary General. Your concerns will be received with proper attention and confidentiality and will be acted upon. NWA will not tolerate any threats or acts of retaliation or retribution that are used in an attempt to stop you from reporting something that concerns you. Accordingly, the implication for breaching this code includes, but is not limited to, disciplinary, legal and other action.